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About the Comic!

The Crimson Fly is an animated webcomic about a teenager who learns that their deformities are actually superpowers! What do they decide to do with this new power? Fight Crime. New comics every Monday! New Videos every Wednesday!

The idea was born when the artist, loving both cartoons and comics, noticed the similar production cycles between both mediums asked, "Why can't you you do both (in the same medium)?" And so, after a lot of fiddling, a comic was illustrated/animated (and progragmmed). Enjoy!  Unfortunately, the comic is made in Flash (the artist only "knows" how to code in Actionscript 3), and thus unavailable on Apple and mobile devices.  In anticipation of this particular stumbling block, there are alternatives in the links below. 

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About the Author!

Collin "SkipperWing" Byrd is an animator and storyboard artist who loves cartoons, comics and video games, in that order. And so he decided that making cartoons, comics and video games was what he would do with the rest of his life.

You can find his works here:
website: http://skipperwing.wix.com/portfolio
deviantart: http://skipperwing.deviantart.com
Tumblr: http://skipperwing.tumblr.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/Skipperwing

You can also email him about the comic (or other things) here:

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