Monday, September 12, 2016

The Crimson Fly #--: "A brief Hiatus"


This Week: I'm taking a break.

Hey all.

Um... Wow. This is going to be uncomfortable, but here we go.  So, this year, I started selling the Crimson Fly at conventions.  The thing that I had not learned, however is that cons take a lot of time, energy, and money; eating up the week/month before (in prep), the weekend of (in sales and presence) and week/month after (in recovery).   And, as you might surmise, I'm not good at things I've never done before, so every con has been ..."interesting."  To this end, starting next year, I'm going try and only do one con per quarter/every 3 months (The First being Katsucon 2017. See you there!). Unfortunately, THIS YEAR, I signed up for both Baltimore Comic-con and Small Press Expo (this weekend), not realizing they were virtually back to back. Whoops!

What this has meant for the comic is that I've fallen a little behind; the last two updates haven't had their animation done on time, and, if you've noticed, haven't had their speedpaint videos linked to them.  This is a few different kinds of unacceptable, and it means that I haven't gauged my ability to get stuff done properly accordingly.  So what to do?

Take a break.  I'm going to take a break; do/deal with SPX accordingly, catch up on the work I should have had done, possibly set up an extra strip (not likely, but I can dream), and/or do some more research into getting the comic onto the app store (also not likely, but this is a necessity that needs to become a reality). What this means for you all is that the Crimson Fly is going on a 2 week hiatus and will return Monday, October 3rd (Since the beginning of the month is always a great time to start things)

Sorry about that, but if I don't take it now, either I'm going to burn out, the quality of the comic is going to suffer, or both simultaneously, which will lead to the death of the strip.  See ya then!

PS: once I reboot, I'm going to move this little hiccup out of the way so as not to interrupt the flow of the story.

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Coming Soon! Check Back this Wednesday! (Yes, there actually will be one)

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Crimson Fly #63: "Come out, You Freak!"


Vol. 02
Story: Issue #5: "The Ambush"

NOTE: B-more Comic-Con was great, but it wasn't great for my productivity, and so I'm a little behind on the animation. It should be up by later today! Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the strip!

This Week:
"'Welcome to my web,' said the Crimson Fly to the... other flies?"

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Coming Soon! Check Back this Wednesday!

IN OTHER NEWS (September 5th, 2016):
Man! Baltimore Comic-Con was AN EXPERIENCE! Met a whole bunch of new people, learned some awesome lessons courtesy of the pros I got to wig out in front of, and take a lot of pictures of cosplayers that made sitting in front of the table a lot less boring.

 Unfortunately, this didn't really translate into a lot of sales, but I think that speaks more to my inexperience as a convention vendor than anyone's interest (or lack thereof) in the comic (Ex: Having a banner adds verticality to a display and makes them easily discoverable in a crowd. Guess what I didn't have).

It also ate into my production time (since quiet time is better spent scouting for new potential audiences, rather than just working on the comic, oblivious to passer-bys), which isn't that bad for the static strips (which generally only take a few hours), but for the animation/interactive bits... Well... (see above, if you're reading this today)

But overall, I have mixed feelings coming out of B-more. No time to dwell, though, SPX (Small Press Expo-hit "next" until you find me) is next weekend! AGH!