Monday, December 19, 2016

The Crimson Fly #72: "Wait!"


Vol. 02
Story: Issue #5: "The Ambush"

This Week:
"The Crimson Fly takes off his mask... 'nuff said. WAIT, WHAT?"

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IN OTHER NEWS (December 19th 2016):
Welp! That's it for Issue #5. Yeup, it ends on a cliffhanger. What's under the mask? Why is this girl so important? Why take off the mask? You'll have to read issue #6 to find out!

That's also it for me this year; I need a break to do some behind-the-scenes tinkering (a la: the email list, re-doing the UI for the other issues... AGAIN. Patreon...maybe? You get the idea.) That's going to be a new practice, starting with issue #6: making/posting the current issue for as long as is necessary, and then taking a one month break between issues to make my mess a little more presentable. While it won't be exactly a full month, The Crimson Fly will be on break until January 9th, when Issue #6: The Easy Job starts up.

"But wait, Skipper," you say. "What about the end-of-issue full video on Youtube? (And my $50 for reminding people of that fact?)" Well... One of the things I want to try out is film festivals with the comic. Lemme do some more research, and I'll get back to you.  Regardless of when the video goes up (and it will, don't worry about it), the comic will start back up on Monday, January 9th, and an announcement for the video will go up before it goes live.

With that being said, I'll see you all next year! Happy Holidays!

The Crimson Fly is an animated webcomic about a teenager who learns that their deformities are actually superpowers! What do they decide to do with this new power? Fight Crime. New comics every Monday! New Videos every Wednesday!

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