Monday, September 5, 2016

The Crimson Fly #63: "Come out, You Freak!"


Vol. 02
Story: Issue #5: "The Ambush"

NOTE: B-more Comic-Con was great, but it wasn't great for my productivity, and so I'm a little behind on the animation. It should be up by later today! Sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the strip!

This Week:
"'Welcome to my web,' said the Crimson Fly to the... other flies?"

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IN OTHER NEWS (September 5th, 2016):
Man! Baltimore Comic-Con was AN EXPERIENCE! Met a whole bunch of new people, learned some awesome lessons courtesy of the pros I got to wig out in front of, and take a lot of pictures of cosplayers that made sitting in front of the table a lot less boring.

 Unfortunately, this didn't really translate into a lot of sales, but I think that speaks more to my inexperience as a convention vendor than anyone's interest (or lack thereof) in the comic (Ex: Having a banner adds verticality to a display and makes them easily discoverable in a crowd. Guess what I didn't have).

It also ate into my production time (since quiet time is better spent scouting for new potential audiences, rather than just working on the comic, oblivious to passer-bys), which isn't that bad for the static strips (which generally only take a few hours), but for the animation/interactive bits... Well... (see above, if you're reading this today)

But overall, I have mixed feelings coming out of B-more. No time to dwell, though, SPX (Small Press Expo-hit "next" until you find me) is next weekend! AGH!
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