Monday, June 20, 2016



Hey Everyone! Its been a long time coming, but WE FINALLY A STORE (LINK!)! Do you like the Crimson Fly, but wish you weren't dependent on the internet? Do you want your own copy? Would you like to support the artist (Financially), but never had a venue with which to do so?

WONDER NO MORE: THE CRIMSON FLY/SKIPPERWING GUMROAD STORE IS HERE! Check out the individual comics, compilations, PDFs, and animated applications of the Crimson Fly! Pay what you want (above a specified minimum), and support the creative endeavors of Colin "SkipperWing" Byrd!

Plus, coming soon: Ever wonder how we make those wonderful comics? Would you like to dissect our work files? Or maybe you just want to own the file in the same way people buy original comic pages? Coming soon: the Flash files of the Crimson Fly animated Comic (CS6+ compatible, unfortunately)!