Monday, April 25, 2016

The Crimson Fly, Issue #04: "The Fire"


The Crimson Fly is lost. All his attempts to be a hero have backfired spectacularly.  But there is one more chance. Can he make the most of it? Or will his attempts go up in flames?

IN OTHER NEWS ("11/23/2015"):
Issue #4 is finished! You know what that means? Volume #1 IS DONE, SON! Woo! Thank you for taking this incredible journey with me, everyone!

-Wednesday: Issue #3: Director's commentary
-Next Monday: Intermission
-After that: 1 month Hiatus

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Crimson Fly #55: "Ugh, That was so Dorky!"


Vol. 01
Story: Issue #4: "The Fire"

NOTE: Sorry there's no animation at the moment! Hopefully I'll have that fixed by later this evening! Again, Sorry!

This Week:
The Crimson Fly is officially a superhero! Yay!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Crimson Fly #54: "I just wanted to say I'm sorry"


Vol. 01
Story: Issue #4: "The Fire"

This Week:
The Crimson Fly makes good , but the story isn't over yet? Still?

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Crimson Fly #53: "WHAT THE #$%& KIND OF PLAN WAS THAT?!"


Vol. 01
Story: Issue #4: "The Fire"

NOTE: Hey all! As detailed last week, here's a static version. The animated version coming soon!
  • Monday: Finished Static version
  • Wednesday: Finished Animated version
That way, there's still something on Monday, even if its not what we all have planned. Again, sorry for the delay! Read on!

This Week:
The Day is saved! Mostly! But the story isn't over!