Monday, November 23, 2015

The Crimson Fly, Issue #03: "The Wrong Choice"


"The Crimson Fly's got it all figured out: if he can calm everyone down, stop people from making mistakes and generally keep the peace, no one has to get hurt or arrested.  Simple? Ha!  It's never that simple! Maybe the Fly should have called police when he had the chance ... ?"

IN OTHER NEWS ("11/23/2015"):
Issue #3 is finished! Its not perfect, but its done, for all to see and judge accordingly.  Woof.. I'm not sure what to say, except for what's in the notes...

-Wednesday: Issue #3: Director's commentary
-Next Monday: Intermission
-2 Mondays from now: ISSUE#4!  Are you excited?! I AM!!!
The Crimson Fly is a pulse-pounding, animated webcomic about a masked vigilante stumbling through the ropes of being a superhero. New animated every Monday!

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This comic uses these fonts from

This comic uses these sounds from freesound:
-"CityTrafficTrains 131024_00.wav" by klankbeeld
-"Crash" by Zxin
-"Heavy Impacts" by RicherlandTV
-"Smacking Flesh" by kbnevel
-"Gunshot-04" by Shawnyboy
-"Double Whoosh" by Qubodup
-"Explosion-01" by Tommccann
-"Fire-Crackling" by Kingsrow
-"Twig-snap-05" by Glitchedtones
-"Outdoor-Ambience" by Maj061785
-"Record-Scratch" by Luffy
This video also uses the following songs from the Incompetech and Youtube Royalty free libraries:
-"Faster does it" by Kevin Macleod
-"Open Wide" by Silent Partner
-"Bass Walker Film Noir" by Kevin Macleod
-"Birdbrainz" by Otis MacDonald
-"1975" by Josh Kirsch
-"Cielo" by Huma-Huma
-"Cut it" By Silent Partner
-"Drop and Roll" by Silent Partner
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