Monday, July 20, 2015

The Crimson Fly #26: "Please-Work, Please-Work, Please-Work...!"


Vol. 01
Story: Issue #2: "Testing, 1-2-3" (#26)

This week: The Crimson Fly survives a brush with Death of his own making! At least he knows the wings work (sort of)!


IN OTHER NEWS (July 20th, 2015):
One more Strip and we're almost done with Issue #2! How did that happen?!  Who cares? Issue 2 is almost done! Some other stuff of note:

  • There's a comments section underneath each strip.  If you've got thoughts on each strip, I'd love to hear them! Stay constructive though.
  • In relation to the above, I've been pondering creating a forum.  What do you guys think? Either drop a comment, or leave a reply in your social media of choice (see links below)
  • I applied for (and received) permission to post ads through Project Wonderful on this site (though it looks like I need to do some tinkering to get it to work).  CF doesn't generate a lot of money (not through the site, anyway) and I'm hoping some ad revenue will change that (eventually, once more people start visiting)
  • There was something else.... Oh yeah! Next week, Issue #2 finishes! And to celebrate, there'll be a "complete" version uploaded to YouTube next Wednesday (to coincide with, but not compete with next week's strip!)  In the meantime, I'll be releasing select strips from Issue #2 as promos on Wednesday and Friday. I hope you're excited; I am!
  • Still feel like I'm forgetting something... let me know in the comments!

The Crimson Fly is a pulse-pounding, animated webcomic about a masked vigilante stumbling through the ropes of being a superhero. New videos every Monday!

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