Monday, June 29, 2015

The Crimson Fly, Issue #01: "Who is the Crimson Fly?"


The Crimson Fly is a pulse-pounding, animated series about a masked vigilante stumbling through the ropes of being a superhero.  Can he survive his first night and learn that being a superhero isn't like how its described in the funny books?

IN OTHER NEWS (June 29th, 2015):
Its finally here! Issue #1 in its entirety.  Despite being "done" a month ago, I decided to take the time to make a few changes. First and foremost, music! It felt boring without it, so I did some hunting around Incompetech and Youtube's Royalty-free libraries, and found some tunes. They're not perfect, but they are perfectly serviceable, and I hope to improve on them in the future.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

(PS, those looking for the regular update to the current ongoing storyline can find it here. Sorry for the interruption, but this was too important not to share!)
The Crimson Fly is a pulse-pounding, animated webcomic about a masked vigilante stumbling through the ropes of being a superhero. New animated every Monday!

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This comic uses these fonts from

This comic uses these sounds from freesound:
-"CityTrafficTrains 131024_00.wav" by klankbeeld
-"Sword Slash Attack" by qubodup
-"Heavy Impacts" by RICHERlandTV
-"SRS_Cinematic_Hit" by StephenSaldanha
-"Glass Breaking.wav" by AdamWayneGistarb
-"Foot Steps on Glass FF193.aif" by martinimeniscus
-"Car Alarm in Parking Structure.wav" by erkanozan
-"Heavy Impacts" by RICHERlandTV
-"Outdoor Ambience.aif" by MAJ061785
-"punch" by ekokubza123
-"Convolution » IR-02 (gunshot in a chapel MIXED)" by unfa
-"Car Breaking Skid 01.wav" by Iberian_Runa
-"cat meowing.wav" by timtube
-"Car Crash" by squareal

This video also uses the following songs from the Incompetech and Youtube Royalty free libraries:
-"Faster does it" by Kevin Macleod
-"Open Wide" by Silent Partner
-"Funk Down" MK2
-"Drop and Roll" by Silent Partner
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