Monday, December 1, 2014

The Crimson Fly: Cover




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Story: Introduction/Cover

Hi! Welcome to the Crimson Fly webcomics, by Collin "SkipperWing" Byrd. Which is me! This strip isn't part of the comic but rather the cover page. In a recent social media meeting I attended, and it was suggested that the first three seconds of your video are the most important to hooking new viewers, and I realized that the video portion of comic didn't have that. So I made one. But, the completion-ist part of my brain kept knocking and what started out as a 3 second intro became a cover/title page for both the static and animated comics. Hope you enjoy!

For those who have no idea what I'm gabbing about, here's a bit of a refresher: The Crimson Fly" is an attempt at making animated comics. However, since not everyone will be receptive or able (with the animated comics being produced in flash) to view them, there'll be three formats:

An interactive animated comic app for each strip on blogspot. (
A static image comic on tumblr (
A series of animated videos on YouTube: (

All the different formats contain the same information and story, so there's no requirement to follow all of them (though I'd obviously be grateful if you did!)  The goal is to give you, the reader, as many "best possible opportunities" to enjoy The Crimson Fly, as I can, while pushing forward in this form of storytelling.  Let's hope this is a fun story and ride for everyone!

Remember: If you like this comic, and/or you think other people would enjoy this comic too, please re-blog/re-post/share it with others.  It's free to view, and it would really help me! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the "likes," but sharing it will really help the comic thrive. Thank you!
The Crimson Fly is a pulse-pounding, animated webcomic about a masked vigilante stumbling through the ropes of being a superhero. New videos every Monday!

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