Monday, June 19, 2017

The Crimson Fly #93: "They say my brother pretty much died inside...."


Vol. 02
Story: Issue #06: "The Easy Job"

This Week:
"The damage is more than physical as bonds are broken. What happened to our hero?"

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IN OTHER NEWS (June 19th, 2017):
Okay, gotta admit, sometimes I surprise myself!

Last week, AwesomeCon took everything out of me, to the point where I didn't work on the comic at all... except for Monday evening. When I work on the strip, I try to upload what I've got, so that, even if I don't do everything, at least I've got something.

I forgot that. I'd planned to pen an apology with the "sorry!" gif, but that plan's out the window. I'm going to try to have this update finished by Friday (as well as fix my last strip up with its proper animation), but no promises. Sorry everybody!